I am typically not a morning person so you can imagine how thrilled I was when Chris told me to meet at his place at 6AM for our first training session. By 6:05 am, I was sweating, by 6:10 I was “dying”, and by 6:15 I was inspired. Chris Sams’ personal training got me into the best shape of my life, in better shape than I thought was even possible. He did this by making the process fun. He made me fall in love with exercising… and exercising in the morning. Chris brings a TON of energy to each session, which is contagious and makes me want to work my hardest. During our sessions, he is a walking encyclopedia on everything fitness & nutrition – he tells me how my body is reacting as we are doing the workout, and explains how the body works to burn off calories and get in shape. He helped me alter my lifestyle, nutritional approach, and workout routines to complement the times when I wasn’t training with him, for maximum results!

When I met him, I told him my goal was to go from 15% to under 10% body fat in 8 weeks. He said it would be possible, as long as I did my homework when I wasn’t with him. Chris gave out homework assignments, which showed me that he really cared about my progress. I only met with Chris twice a week, but each time I did, I was excited to because I could show him how well I’d done on my “homework assignments”, which included going to the gym on my own, doing cardio (which I hated) on my own, and playing at least 1 sport. After just 7 weeks working with Chris, I had reached my goal. I was really blown away by it, but Chris clearly knew what he was doing and the hard work definitely paid off.

– Zaid Arafat, NYC


Chris’ energy, knowledge, and genuine concern for my progress is unlike any other personal trainer I had ever worked with. He made it seem like he was in it with me, which made me feel more accountable to meeting my goals. I would highly recommend Chris to be anyone’s personal trainer. He will make the difference in helping you meet your goals as long as you are willing to meet him half way.

– Shannan Siemens, NYC

We are so happy you moved to NYC from Baltimore. You are influencing and changing our lives for the better and we are both eternally grateful!  Thank you for being dedicated and always bringing your great energy!

– Mandy & Tim Whiteley , NYC

Working with Chris over the last three years has been nothing short of life changing. 

I met Chris after a five year stretch where my health/fitness fell victim to an increasingly demanding job as many of you might relate. I started working with Chris at my absolute health/fitness low and over the last threes I continue to reach new personal peaks both physically and mentally. 

Chris strikes the perfect balance when it comes to someone who’ll push you to new limits but is mindful of the path to getting there. This is one of his greatest strengths as a personal trainer.

But Chris is much more than a trainer. He is a nutritionist, a mentor and life coach and a friend who’s always teaching you new things. 

Each day we train and most days we don’t - I am accountable to Chris for what I’ve eaten. Over the years he’s helped me experiment with new diets to see what does and does not work for me. The diet component of our work together has been equally if not more of a driver of the really transformational results I’ve seen to date. 

Chris is an explorer, free spirit type with the focus and drive of an Olympic athlete (yes a paradox of sorts). I’ve learned so much from him outside of the fitness and health realms about a whole host of topics/subjects I very well likely would have never encountered in my life. It’s this enthusiasm for learning and innate curiosity in Chris that’s also led to a very close friendship over the years.

He’s been an incredibly positive force in my life and I don’t think I could have turned it around with out him.

– Vikram D., NYC